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May 6, 2017
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May 6, 2017

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Vatika India Next is Gurgaon’s most prominent integrated township, spread across Sectors 82, 82A, 83, 84 & 85. And it’ snow ready with high-rise apartments and independent floors, as well as all the infrastructure and support facilities that a family needs.

Vatika INXT has a unique location – it is at the intersection of two of the most important roads in the area – NH8 and the 150 metres wide Now National Highway Dwarka Expressway connecting to Apart from the long term advantages, the immediate benefit is that INXT is smoothly connected via NH8 right now – even before Dwarka Expressway opens.

Vatika INXT is a model city designed around providing an exceptional living experience for your family. The surroundings are green and open – where even the electric wires are underground to keep the skyline uncluttered. And though the township spans hundreds of acres, everything is within walking distance. Including schools, parks, healthcare, markets, offices and gyms.

Vatika INXT is ready with not just homes but also with streets, parks and power backup to fast internet and fresh vegetables.

Vatika INXT will have more than 30 schools within the city to cater to the educational needs of its younger citizens. This includes crèches, nursery schools, primary schools and high schools located within residential zones and with their own campuses.


Is perhaps the most overriding concern for anyone contemplating a change of lifestyle. And so, this area has been accorded its due importance in planning Vatika India Next Township.

There has been a two-pronged approach to healthcare in the city – through prevention and intervention. Prevention is reflected in the healthy green environment of the city, the absence of over-crowding, effective civic planning, the best in hygiene and sanitation facilities, and the use of non-polluting technologies.

Equally important is the availability of good healthcare facilities. To this end, no less than 15 healthcare establishments will come up within the city. These will include health centres, dispensaries and nursing homes.


Vatika India Next, the needs of its residents have been considered right down to the smallest details. The emphasis is on adding joy to people’s lives at the everyday level. So playgrounds take precedence over amusement parks, and a place for a physician’s clinic is as important as a plot for a specialty hospital.

The same approach has been followed in the matter of retail. Vatika India Next is not overloaded with glitzy malls and large-format retail. The city is focused on the daily lives of its populace, and therefore, grocery stores, taxi stands, ATMs, milk booths, vegetable shops and post offices form an integral part of the master plan.


It would be hard to find a better location in the new phase of Gurgaon than Vatika India Next. The city is located at the intersection of two of the most important roads in the area – NH8 and the upcoming 150 metre wide Dwarka Expressway connecting to North West Delhi. This gives INXT extremely good connectivity to Delhi as well as to nearby schools, hospitals and commercial centres.

The connection to NH8 and the Dwarka expressway is through 99-meter and 84-metre wide Sector roads respectively. These are 6-lane carriageways with service roads. Within the city, all the main roads are 24 metres wide, with four lanes each for the easy flow of traffic.


to be a self-sufficient city. Planning its internal transport system has therefore been given a great deal of attention. In the course of their daily lives, residents will be going to work, dropping children to school, going shopping, socializing with friends, etc., and all this traveling has to be made efficient and pleasant.

The entire city will be pedestrian-friendly. Walkways and footpaths will be designed for usability as well as for aesthetic appeal, so that walking can become a practical and enjoyable activity.


Peace of mind is the first requisite. And so, in designing and detailing the various aspects of INXT, safety and security have been accorded a very high priority.

There will be manned security check posts on the streets within the city too. Boom barriers, CCTV surveillance and access control devices will be deployed at appropriate locations to ensure complete safety and security.

Enjoyment is easy

Green spaces for recreational activities have been provided everywhere, and the entire city is interconnected with walkways and cycling paths. Children have a plethora of parks and play areas to amuse themselves in, and four different sites have been set aside for religious institutions too.

Almost all the community housing projects have well-equipped clubhouses and swimming pools of their own. And if you want more, a short walk from your home will bring you to other social venues in the township.

Town Square is the centre for all your shopping and other essentials. Apart from Mother Dairy, Needs Supermarket, HDFC Bank and other outlets that are already operational, many more are on the way. PVR, one of India’s best multiplex chains, is opening a multi-screen facility in Vatika India Next and several fine dining restaurants are opening soon too.

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